Friday, September 22, 2006

Update re projects in Egypt - KV63 & Bahariya

"In an interview yesterday with the eTurbo News, Dr. Hawass gave an update on the KV-63’s very latest. He said, 'Still there are 16 sealed pottery vessels, which have not yet been analyzed. The expedition team only returns in January next year to open these vessels. In the other vessels which have been opened, there is written the date year 'that bears no name of the king. Hopefully, the closed vessels will contain his name.Hawass thinks the jars (that reach a few inches above my knees, perhaps 2 feet high) probably contain natron and certain seals similar to the other 12 jars already opened. He believes the embalming cache represents a workshop or wabt for mummification that stood by the entrance of the Valley of the Kings."
See the above page for more details about the current status of KV63 and excavations in Bahariya.

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