Thursday, September 07, 2006

Zahi Hawass Dig Days: More re KV63

"KV63 requires more work. No royal names have been found there, but one of the most interesting seals shows a crocodile and a lion with a captive man standing between them. One of the jars is believed to have contained moringa oil (related to horseradish). Hieratic inscriptions were also found on one of the pottery shards that has been restored by a member of the Egyptian team. We can see now that this tomb was cut at the beginning of the 18th Dynasty and was perhaps robbed at some time during this period. Later in the same dynasty it was used for storing embalming materials. It is clear from the pottery and masks discovered that this storage space bears a close resemblance to the tombs in the Valley of the Kings from the late 18th Dynasty."
See the above article for more.

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