Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ancient Egypt Magazine - October/November

The October/November issue of “Ancient Egypt” magazine (published in the U.K.) is now available.
This issue is also available as an electronic version which can be found at the web site on the above address. This may be useful for anyone with a broadband connection who may have difficulty in getting hold of a paper copy of the magazine, or who might want to see a copy before subscribing.

Contents of this issue include;

News from Egypt: The magazine’s Egypt Correspondent brings the latest news from Egypt which includes the uncovering of the complete Neferhotep I double statue at Karnak, other finds and discoveries in the temple of Karnak and on the West Bank at Luxor and a full report on Egypt’s newest museum, the Imhotep Museum at Saqqara
Tomb KV 63 in the Valley of the Kings: The last of a total of four special reports on the tomb, which sees the small chamber finally cleared of all the objects it contained.
Another New tomb in the valley of the Kings? Nicholas Reeves explains what some important and revealing radar images taken in the heart of the valley might mean. Could it be another new tomb?
The Ancient Stones Speak: Hieroglyph teacher Pam Scott gives an introduction to reading and understanding the hieroglyphic inscriptions. This is the first in a three part series of articles which will enable beginners to make some sense of the ancient script.
Friends of Nekhen News: The fifth of the reports on the important and revealing work being done at Hierakonpolis. This article looks at the Nubians in Hierakonpolis and the evidence found of their lives there.
Images of the Rekhyt from ancient Egypt: Kenneth Griffin looks at the many images of the lapwing which features in ancient Egyptian art for a period of over three thousand years. Was it just a representation of a bird, or was there much more to it?
Per Mesut: For younger readers: This issue Hilary Wilson looks at pomegranates.

Book Reviews:

The cat in ancient Egypt, by Jaromir Malek.
Cairo Cats: Egypt’s Enduring Legacy, by Lorraine Chittock.
Photographing Egypt: Forty years behind the lens, by John Feeney.
Clothing Culture: Dress in Egypt in the First millennium AD, by Frances Pritchard.
Egypt’s Sunken Treasures, Edited by Franck Goddio and Manfred Clauss.
Karanis: An Egyptian town in Roman times, Edited by Elaine K. Gazdaby.
A velvet Silence – Pinhole Photographs of Egypt and Israel, by David Wise.
The Middle Kingdom in ancient Egypt, by Wolfram Grajetzki
Lost Nubia: A Centennial Exhibit of Photographs from the 1905-07 Egyptian Expedition of the University of Chicago, by John A. Larson.

Plus other Regular Features, that include:

Egyptology Society details for the UK and many overseas and full listing of forthcoming lectures and event in the UK from October to December.

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