Thursday, October 26, 2006

Exhibition: Description de l'Egypte in Missouri
"Historians at the Linda Hall Library wanted to celebrate the library’s expansion in a big way. So, they are preparing a display of giant books that describe Napoleon’s 1798 military invasion of Egypt that became better known as a scientific and cultural expedition. Napoleon, the emperor of France, took scientists, engineers and artists along with his soldiers.
The library, near the University of Missouri-Kansas City campus, has owned an original 23-volume set of illustrations and text since 1970 but has never publicly displayed the set because of lack of room . . . . The books, called “Description de l’Egypte,” will be on free public display for six months, starting today at the library, 5109 Cherry St."
See the above page for the full story, together with opening hours.

The Linda Hall Library home page is at:
The site's page for the exhibition is at:

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Anonymous said...

Gallica has digitized the Description de l'Egypte. You can find it by searchibg the title in Abzu