Saturday, October 21, 2006

Exhibition: Nesperennub opens in Tokyo

"The Tokyo exhibition, Mummy: The Inside Story, was originally seen at the British Museum in 2004, and features the mummy of the priest Nesperennub, plus 130 related artifacts including coffins, statuettes representing ancient Egyptian gods, and canopic jars that held the organs taken from the dead in the mummification process.
Among the beautiful jewelry on display is a necklace featuring carnelian barrel-beads and tiny amulets of golden lizards, which were regarded as a symbol of regeneration.
However, the highlight is the 20-minute film that visitors see before they reach the exhibit areas. The film is shown on a huge screen--14 meters wide and 4 meters high--at a special theater, and gives fresh 3-D insights into the priest from all angles, re-creating his bone structure, bad teeth and even the bowl that is stuck on his head--mistakenly left behind by the embalmers, it is believed."
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