Tuesday, October 03, 2006

SSEA - Searching for Ancient Egypt in Canada

Under Dr. Brigitte Ouellet, President of the SSEA's (Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities) Quebec Chapter in Montreal work has begun to identify Egyptian artefacts in Canada's museums, and examples of Egyptian influence in Canadian art and architecture: "Our goal is to publish the material, and create a searchable, on-line database. The project has received the support of the Egyptian Consulate in Montreal, the Canadian Museums Association and of course, your Board of Trustees. While we have so far identified 30 museums and a similar number of buildings and monuments, Canada is very large and locating the sites is not always easy. Many are small and in places one would never have guessed. We believe the personal knowledge of SSEA/SEEA members across Canada will be crucial, both in identifying the sites and in obtaining additional information."

For more details information please go to on the project's web page, above. For anyone interest in assisting the project contact:
Brigitte Ouellet ssea_mtl@hotmail.com or
Mark Trumpour trumpoma@msn.com or
Denis Goulet denigoul@videotron.ca

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