Friday, October 20, 2006

Three Mameluke edifices restored in Cairo
"During the holy month of Ramadan many Cairenes flock at night to the heart of mediaeval Cairo, especially in the surrounding area of Al-Azhar for folklore performances and Oriental sohour. However, on Wednesday the scene was slightly different. In a departure from the norm, Culture Minister Farouk Hosni, Minister of International Cooperation Fayza Abul-Naga, Cairo Governor Abdel-Azim Wazir and a score of other high-ranking government officials paid a visit to Al-Azhar to attend a Nassir Shamma oud concert and help inaugurate three Mameluke edifices -- Al-Ghouri, Mohamed Bek Abul-Dahab and Khan Al-Zaraksha -- following their restoration."
See the above page for the full story.

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