Friday, October 06, 2006

Travel: Desert magic

Travel article looking at Kharga and Dakhleh oases:
"In September, the weather in the Kharga oasis is sunny, warm and dry. The low humidity makes the climate much more pleasant than one would expect from such a temperate area. At the end of the day the best time to go would be winter. The Iberotel is unique in its setting in the centre of a green agricultural area surrounded by clustres of palm trees and livestock. I woke up to see an old peasant watering his rice field and then taking two steps to the side of the plot where he prayed, as the cows gazed lazily. The picturesque portrait speaks volumes about the rural character of Kharga and the simplistic nature of its inhabitants. Although it may be a destination off the beaten path, Kharga may still hold some of the original magic of Egypt's ancient desert frontier.
After a day of lounging around in the hotel and basically recharging my batteries after such a hefty trek, we were off the next morning to the ancient city of Dush. A major military installation that was heavily guarded during Roman times, Dush represented the southern most frontier of the Roman Empire. . . . The site includes an ancient town, fortress, and a temple as well as some Roman tombs. It is currently being excavated by the Institute Fran├žaise D'archeologie Orientale whose digout house stands at the foot of the hill."
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