Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Book Review: The Empire of Thebes

"A Londonderry man is set to cause a storm of controversy among academics with a new book claiming the Pyramids were built thousands of years later than currently believed. Major US non-fiction publisher Algora has now committed Emmet Sweeney's groundbreaking book, The Empire of Thebes, to print.
The 51-year-old author, who has spent 20 years studying the mysteries of Egyptology and visiting ancient sites, also claims in his new book that many of the Pharoahs reigned a lot closer to the time of Christ than first thought. Research conducted by Mr Sweeney, a University of Ulster graduate from Malborough Street, found a number of similarities between Old Testament Biblical writings and those unearthed in Egypt, which were traditionally thought to have been much older. Mr Sweeney, who lectures at West University in Timisoara, Romania, has previously had his work published on the Arthurial legend and Stonehenge, as well as books on Egypt and Israel."
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