Sunday, November 26, 2006

Exhibition: More re Egyptian Antiquities from the Louvre

Another review of the exhibition touring Australia, introducing the exhibition and describing individual artefacts: "Last year, 200,000 Australians visited the Louvre; after the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo, its Egyptian antiquities are the museum's most visited exhibits. The size and distinction of the Egyptian collection puts it among the world's most significant, and from now until late October next year, for the first time, an intriguing selection of these rare and precious objects is in temporary residence in Australia; until late February at the NGA, then in Adelaide and Perth. . . . Tanethep's black diorite sarcophagus is an extraordinary work of sculpture, sending echoes back into a place where time seems meaningless. Her face is immutable, a mask for the deep complexities of the world she knew and the afterlife she imagined, of which we, even now, have only partial glimpses, teased out and pieced together from the clues they so deliberately left behind."

Canberra venue:
Adelaide venue:
Perth venue:

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