Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Illuminating the Pyramids

http://tinyurl.com/ygs7m6 (swissinfo.org)
"Hofstetter, one of the world's best-known light artists, transforms buildings, monuments and natural beauty spots into contemporary works of art. His masterpieces include projections of polar bears on icebergs and Swiss crosses on the Matterhorn and government buildings. . . . The tireless globetrotter is just back from a trip to Egypt where he and his team lit up the Giza pyramids and sphinx for a local hotel chain. 'Six days, 12 hours of sleep, jeeps, helicopters and permits. The fact that it happened; I can't find the words,' he declares, his eyes sparkling. 'My ideas help them put across their ideas. They want to stop people going into the pyramids and damaging them. I gave them the idea that by illuminating the graves on the outside of the pyramids people don't need to go inside.' "

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