Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Last chance to see Rhind Papyrus

"The Egypt Centre at Swansea University will say goodbye to one of Ancient Egypt's most mysterious artefacts next week, when the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus is returned to its permanent home at the British Museum .A section of the famous Rhind has formed the centrepiece of a year-long exhibition at the Egypt Centre, after it was loaned to the museum under the British Museum 's Partnership Scheme.Visitors to the centre, where entry is free of charge, will have a last chance to see perhaps the most famous of the British Museum's magnificent collection of Egyptian papyri until Tuesday 21 November.
The Rhind was originally a roll 513cm long by 32cm high and came from an unknown site in ancient Thebes , now Luxor .Beginning with the rather grandiose introduction, Accurate reckoning. The entrance into the knowledge of all existing things and all obscure secrets, the text consists of 84 mathematical problems, which concern the doubling of odd-numbered unit fractions relating to commerce. The Greeks were still using the same system 2000 years later."
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