Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lecture: Luigi Vassalli

Thanks to Jane for again supplying a summary of the most recent lecture at the Mummification Museum on her Luxor News Blog. This week's lecture was about the activities of nineteenth century Egyptian antiquities enthusiast Luigi Vassalli, by Francesco Tiradritti. Here's a sample: "In 1863 Mariette sent Vassalli to Dra Abu el Naga to draw the coffins of the high priests of Montu, these have now been lost. He found the coffins of Yahotep and Kahmose and the golden fly’s necklace of Ahmose Nefertari. He would continue to excavate in that area and personally supervised the excavation. His manuscripts are not complete but he recorded tombs like 104 Amenemhet I of XII dynasty. There are many coffins which re now lost which were recorded by Vassalli. One inscription says ‘the man with the wig’ which would be a special title like a man with big nose. Another strange name sounded like Misship North Syrian. There were 4 coffins in the tomb 2 anthropoid and 2 rectangular. Tombs could have been used for more than one centaury."
See Jane's site at the above address for her complete notes, including photographs.

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