Thursday, November 30, 2006

More re sale of Ramesses II hair

I was wondering when I posted it yesterday if this story would turn into a controversy:
"Egypt warned France on Wednesday that anything short of full cooperation in the case of the attempted sale by a Frenchman of hair believed to belong to the mummy of Ramses II could harm bilateral ties. . . . French police said on Wednesday they had arrested an unidentified man who had posted an ad on an Internet site offering a snip of hair, samples of embalming resin and bits of bandages he claimed had been taken from the mummy of Egypt's most famous pharaoh."
See the above URL for comments on the matter made by Zahi Hawass.
"A man has been arrested in France after advertising what he said was a lock of hair from Egypt's Pharaoh Ramses II for sale on the internet. The man said he had obtained the relic when his father worked on the pharaoh's mummy in France in the 1970s.
Police seized small plastic sachets and boxes from the home of the man in the French Alpine town of Grenoble. The items have to be tested, but some experts said it was possible that the unnamed man's claims were true."
This piece has details of the original advert, plus a comment by Christian Leblanc.

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