Thursday, November 16, 2006

A New Hotel Ranking System for Egypt

Jimmy Dunn has updated the Tour Egypt website with news about a new ranking system for hotels in Egypt, enabling tourists to make more informed decisions about facilities and services that will best meet their needs: "The Minister of Tourism has issued a ministerial decree adopting new regulations for the classification of hotels in Egypt. These regulations were set by a committee consisting of tourism experts under the direction of Mr. Fathi Nour, Chairman of the Egyptian Hotel Association and Consultant to the Minister of Tourism, with the participation of private sector hotel experts and Mr. Ahmed El Nahas, Chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Federation, an international hotel expert. . . . The new classification system has introduced, for the first time in the Middle East and Africa, a system of assessment in two phases. The first deals with the infrastructure, equipment, appliances and tools available within the hotel. The second specifically addresses the quality of service, which is carried out through an evaluation system using 'Mystery Shoppers', an internationally recognized practice where reviewers make undeclared visits to hotels."
See the above page for full details.

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