Saturday, November 18, 2006

Report on Scholars' Colloquium, Toronto 2006

Thanks to the weekly EEF News Digest for the information that Juan Jose Castillos has posted a summary of the 2006 Scholars' Colloquium in Toronto online at the above address. The summary is available in English and Spanish: "On the 3 and 5 November 2006 the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities of Toronto, Canada, organized another Scholars’ Colloquium in which egyptologists of several countries read papers dealing with their current research. . . . More than two hundred people attended this event which was open to students, scholars and also to the public interested in these subjects, and which for the first time had to be extended over two days by the number of speakers that were invited this year. As usual, I will provide here a Report on this meeting so that all those who may be interested in any of the subjects covered by the Colloquium will be able to have a basic idea of what was said, at least as I perceived it. For more details or clarifications, it is relatively easy to reach the speakers using the email listings provided by the International Association of Egyptologists."
See the above page for the full report.

Sincere thanks to Juan Jose Castillos for continuing to provide excellent summary reports of conferences which he attends. For more of his summary reports, and some of his own papers, see his website at:

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