Sunday, November 12, 2006

Research in the tombs of Harwa TT37 and Pabasa TT279

Jane Akshar has updated her Luxor News Blog with a summary of a recent lecture at the Mummification Museum in Luxor. Dr Silvia Einaudi lectured on the theme of Researches in the tombs of Harwa TT37 and Pabasa TT279 on the 12th November 2006: "Harwa lived around 700-680 BC in the reign of Shabita and Tarhaqa 25th Dynasty. There are 8 statues of Harwa known 3 cubic or block statues, one of him with his parents, one with 2 goddesses and three Old Kingdom seated scribe styles, only one of which has a head but this is quite clearly a portrait. His title was Great Steward (Butler) of the Divine Adoritist. His tomb is situated in the middle of the Assasaif area, built on the processional way of Mentuhotep, with an entrance at the south. At the time his tomb was built the processional way of Hatshepsut’s temple was still being used for the Beautiful Feast of the Valley. It is between the tombs of Montumonet and petamenophis."
See the above page for the full story.

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