Saturday, November 11, 2006

Reviews: Ancient temples and dictioniaries

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"When two substantial books with similar titles featuring images on the cover that are almost the same are published by the same press in the space of a single year, one feels almost challenged to discover the difference between them, if only in order to guide potential readers. The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt, published by AUC Press by arrangement with Thames and Hudson of London, is part of a series of book put out by the latter publisher. Already on the market are The Complete Gods and Goddesses, The Complete Royal Families, The Complete Tutankhamun, and The Complete Valley of the Kings. This new addition is of the same excellent quality as the rest of the series, and it includes the most famous monuments in Luxor and every temple along the Nile. It covers temple construction and decoration, explains the function and meaning of each part of the temple, as well as the religious rites and roles of pharaohs and priests. Fact files, tables, newly commissioned perspective views, and a guide to visiting the major sites are included."
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