Monday, November 20, 2006

Travel: Visiting Egypt and Sinai

A factual description of a trip to Egypt (Cairo, Sinai and a Nile Cruise): "Only 4 percent to 4 percent of this vast desert country is inhabited with the majority of the people living in the fertile delta and the along the banks of the life-giving Nile. North of Aswan, the river runs wide, its current gentle and the water remarkably clean.
From the deck of our boat, we drift past mud brick homes, men fishing, children swimming, laborers digging in the sugar cane fields, workers carrying baskets on their heads, and camels being ridden to market. Immediately beyond this lush, verdant strip stretches the merciless desert; the beige-colored mountains rise as a backdrop in undulating waves of heat. When we dock at the town of Kom Ombo, a friend and I wander the authentic Egyptian markets and bazaar (souk) where the locals shop. Gigantic blue tarps are used to create outdoor stands, each offering new and used items for sale.
After a little shopping, we retire to our ship, where we watch bejeweled belly dancers and swirling Sufi dancers in colorful skirts who perform stunts while they spin in circles nonstop for an incredible 15 minutes without any signs of dizziness.
Our sailing adventure ends at Luxor, but what a grand finale this town shows us! Luxor is the most significant and memorable of our town and temple visits -- for its tremendous array of tombs, temples, and statues make it the world's greatest outdoor museum."
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