Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tutankhamun death revisited. All that glitters . . .

Thanks to Nicole Hansen from Glyphdoctors for the above link and information. You will need to register for this very useful site (free) if you have not already done so.
Nicole has contacted Dr Ashraf Selim who has clarified some details from the news postings that have been finding their way into newspapers and onto websites over the last few days. In Nicole's words: "When I asked the doctor (Ashraf Selim) about the report of gold in Tut's knee wound it drew a complete blank. No truth to it and he hadn't even heard this rumor. It appeared that some resin from the embalming had entered the womb but if there had been gold there it would have been very obvious on the scan. Add that to the reports of gold at the Ramesseum and gold coffins in KV63 and it makes one very wary about any such report of gold being found. It's actually quite rare to find gold during excavations these days.In any case, most of what the doctor talked about was already in the report on Zahi's Web site. I got the impression they learned a lot more about how Howard Carter mishandled the mummy than anything else."
For the rest of Nicole's post, together with the rest of the discussion, see the above link.

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