Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Update re death of Tutankhamun

"Dr. Selim, who yesterday presented a further analysis of CT scans taken last year to the Radiological Society of North America's conference in Chicago, was part of the first team to examine King Tut's mummy since 1978, when it was last X-rayed. They moved the mummy in its tray about 30 metres from its tomb to a truck parked outside, equipped with a CT (computed tomography) scanner.
By scanning the entire body, the team of Egyptian, Swiss and Italian scientists concluded that the cause of King Tut's death was "most probably" a compound fracture to the lower part of left thigh bone. A compound fracture occurs when bone breaks through the skin, leaving the person vulnerable to infection or an embolism caused by globules of fat in the bloodstream.
Their findings run counter to the popular belief that King Tut was murdered, either by his successor Aye, who was a powerful figure in the court of the young leader, or by some other scheming courtier."
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