Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bulldozers have moved in to demolish houses in Qurna

"Bulldozers have moved in to demolish houses in the Egyptian village of Qurna which sits on top of dozens of pharaonic tombs in Luxor. The Egyptian government is determined to move the 3,200 families of the village to an alternative settlement it has built a few kilometres away. Officials say emptying out the village will enable them to explore the tombs and to protect them from water damage. An official ceremony was held and the bulldozers moved in.
They demolished four uninhabited mud brick houses in the village of Qurna, very near the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. Many villagers have already left to the new settlement of Taref built by the Egyptian government at a cost of $31m (£15.6m)."
See the above article for the full story.

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Anonymous said...

An eyewitness account of this

Andie said...

To see tha account on the GlyphDoctor website you will need to register, but this is free, and the site is worth visiting.

Anonymous said...

I should add, you can also just log in as a guest if you don't want to make an account. In any case, I've just posted some more information I got from my inside sources on this.