Saturday, December 23, 2006

Travel: The pyramids at Giza

Thanks to Mary Beard for highlighting her piece on the above URL, an un-watered down travel account, from which an extract is as follows: "If you venture deep inside the pyramids (as I did the day after the fun at the zoo) you find that the inner chamber smells very strongly of piss. It’s a predictable act of desecration, I guess. But it does tend to encourage a speedy visitor turn-around. In general, though, the pyramids sprang lots of surprises. And they offered the possibility of pleasures (or transgressions) that would be decidedly off limits back home. Let me say to begin with, unlike so many “Wonders of the World,” they do not disappoint. They are absolutely vast and, at least if you view them one direction, they give every impression of being isolated in the trackless desert."
See the above page on Mary Beard's blog for the full story, plus reader comments in response.

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