Saturday, January 20, 2007

Giza - research into meteorites and geoglyphs (
"Samples of rock and fragments of pyramid walls brought from Egypt are being examined at the AGH University of Science and Technology. It is very likely that meteorites had dropped near the pyramids. The material was collected during the December expedition of geologists. Another aim of the expedition was to study some geoglyphics, i.e. gigantic pictures drawn on the ground.
According to Dziennik Polski, the scientists were intrigued by some unusual structures, which resembled craters formed after meteorites hit the ground. They noticed them when analysing satellite pictures of areas north of the great pyramids in Giza. . . .The aim of the expedition was also to study the geoglyphics, i.e. gigantic pictures on the ground. Located east of Cairo, they form two several-kilometre-long curved lines, which almost meet in one point. On satellite pictures, they look like a huge drawing of a scarab."


Monica said...

Thanks for your news all the time. I just wanted to comment that as far as I know it is illegal to quarry stones off the pyramid.
Did they quarry the stones from the pyramid itself or from similar specimens or what?
Monica Hanna

Andie said...

Hello Monica
Re-reading the article, I am fairly certain that the stones came from an area near to the pyramids and not the pyramids themselves. The Polish team seem very responsible and I am sure that they would not have removed any fabric from an Egyptian site without official sanction from the SCA.
All the best