Monday, January 22, 2007

JHU Hopkins Dig Diary up and running

The JHU Dig Diary for their work in Karnak is up and running, with entries posted for the 20th and 21st January 2007. There are lots of photographs accompanied by explanatory text, of which the following is a small sample: "We're doing things differently this year, because the university's calendar requires that we break our season into two parts. We have a small crew out now to do some completion of the major restoration work in the temple last year, and they are going to help us create a cleaner, safer, and more accessible Mut Temple setting. This shot shows Jay Van Rensselaer in the main temple, and the shot was taken from near the rear, looking back north toward the entrance to the enclosure. You can see in the distance the tent tops that cover the numerous blocks that we retrieved and restored during last year's three seasons".
See the above page for the diary's calendar and click on the relevant date to see the entry for that day.

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