Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lecture: Fragments from KV17

More thanks to Jane Akshar for her regular note-taking at the Mummification Museum in Luxor. This week she has posted her notes for a lecture by Dr Florance Mauric-Barberio on the subject of painted fragments found in tomb KV17, the remarkable tomb of Seti I: "During the excavation of Ramses X lots of fragments from the tomb of Seti I were found. Seti I is an important tomb, discovered by Belzoni in 1817, because it is entirely decorated in all areas. It was done in painted raised relief which takes a long time and maybe the reason why this method is rarely used. Like the tomb of Horemheb some sections of Seti’s relief’s are done in outline only and have not been completed. When finding a fragment it is possible to identify which part of the tomb it comes from because different background colours are used. The shaft has a blue background, the sarcophagus chamber yellow and the other parts of the tom white (apart from the uncompleted outline areas). At the time of discovery it was in very good condition as drawings done at the time show. Some of this decoration has now been lost for a variety of reasons."
See the above page for Jane's complete notes.

For more details about KV17, see the Seti I page on Osirisnet at:
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