Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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Mummification Museum Lecture
Tomb 34, Monthemhat No 34 by Dr Farouk Goman
Jane's notes on the latest lecture are on her blog at the above address: "The tomb of Monthemhat no TT34, is one of the great tombs in the part of the necropolis of Thebes, which is known under the name el-Assasif near the temple of the Queen Hatshepsut at el Deir el Bahri. Monthemhat, the owner of the tomb, belonged to a well known family in the region of Thebes. Its members were known since the 22nd dynasty, between 946 and 720 BC. Some of these were viziers, priests or prophets of the God Amun and month, also mayor of Thebes. The father of Monthemhat, named New-Ptah, was the prophet of the God Month and also the mayor of Thebes."
Impressions of Egypt
Jane has also added a link to a blog which catalogues one American family's visit to Egypt. It is entertaining and evocative, and there are some good photographs: "We returned to the Cairo Egyptian Museum for another round of pharaonic madness. This time the museum was packed and yet not as overwhelming as the first visit. It helped having been there once before. This time we had a better sense of what we wanted to see and what was actually realistic in being able to see. There is just so much here.We hung around the atrium area where Narmer’s palette is located. Sarcophagi of Hatshepsut and others dominate the main floor area. The swap meet feeling remains. Some of the items are presented front and center with piles of objects stacked along the walls. Some items are marked, some not. Treasures stashed in corners. Crazy."

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