Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Petrie Collection

A short video with Rachel Sparks talking about Petrie to accompany the Petrie In Palestine exhibition currently showing in London. Petrie is perhaps best known for his work in Egypt, and this video discusses his interests and contributions to archaeology in general: "His influence on the development of archaeology is absolutely huge. And one of the things you’ve got to remember is he started work in archaeology in the late Victorian period, late nineteenth century, when it was a very, very undeveloped discipline. Historians, really, had more influence on what people thought about the past, and archaeology was just beginning. And he came into the field and taught people how important it was to understand the past through objects." See the above page for the video account.

The Petrie collection in London has some excellent prehistoric and Predynastic collections, as well as a good collection of small but fine pieces from the Amarna period, as well as a myriad of other artefacts. If you're visiting London then this collection is well worth a detour. See the website at:

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