Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Travel: Siwa Oasis the sweetest oasis by "Mohamed Salah Attia Siwa appears at first as a sweet and innocent place deep in the desert which has just opened its eyes to the modern world and still let itself be amazed. Which is not wrong, the asphalted road opened first in 1984. But the history goes deep beyond the earliest civilisations, to Paleolithic times. In the first millennium BC, Siwa was famous with the ancient Egyptians, thanks to its oracle. The oracle was thought to be so true and powerful that it generated fear. During these times, Siwa was a wealthy place, well illustrated by the Gebel al-Mawta and its rich tombs. In early Islamic times, Siwa went into decline and sometime in the 13th century was down as little as 200. Today the population is on the rise, and has since long passed 20,000. Most live in the town Siwa, the rest are spread across over 10 smaller villages. How to go there From Cairo by bus from the International Bus Station (El Torgman) Fares vary between LE85 and LE165. From Marsa Matrouh by bus from the bus station. Tickets vary between LE30and LE95."
This is the complete article on the Egyptian Gazette website. The page will probably be replaced in the next day or so.

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