Thursday, February 15, 2007

Egyptian temple at Brexiza

"Highlighting the Egyptian temple at Brexiza as part of an archaeological and tourist itinerary that would have included the site of Rhamnus, the Marathon Museum, Tymbos and the Tsepi cemetery would have been an interesting project for an archaeological site in Attica that is significant both for its size and the finds that have been unearthed there. That was the theory, but in practice the prefecture rejected the project. Now it has been saved at the last minute . . . . Partly underwater, partly overgrown with weeds and separated from the sea by a road, the site is eye-catching. Dotted about are statues of Osiris and Isis – copies of course, as the originals are in the Marathon Museum.
The excavation is barely complete and the need for stabilization and conservation work is urgent."
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