Sunday, February 25, 2007

ETANA-Abzu News - What's New in Abzu

Chuck Jones has provided an update for Abzu:
To find material newly added to Abzu, you can follow the "View items recently added to ABZU" link at:
Entries stay there for a month from the datethey are entered.Alternatively you can make use of the RSS feed from the same page, or youcan read the blog constructed from the RSS feed:
What's New in Abzu blog This blog gives a listing of everything added to the database since September 302005 (1803 items - nearly 100 in the past month).For further information on RSS feeds see: (among other places).
You can now register to receive e-mail notification when Abzu is updated. Direct your browser to, enter the url: and then your email address and you're done.
530 addreses are subscribed to ETANA-Abzu-News as of February 23, 2007

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