Thursday, February 08, 2007

Göttinger Miszellen no. 212

Thanks very much to EEF for the information yesterday that Göttinger Miszellen no. 212 (2007) has appeared, and for providing the Contents listing:

Broekman, G.P.F.: On the Identity of King Shoshenq Buried in the Vestibule of the Tomb of
Psusennes I in Tanis (NRT III). Part II - p. 9

Darnell, J.C.: The Antiquity of Ghueita Temple. - p. 29

El-Khadragy, M.: The Shrine of the Rock-cut Chapel of Djefaihapi I at Asyut - p. 41

Lipkin, B./Tallet, P.: Three Small Objects in a Private Collection - p. 63

Peust, C.: Die Konjugation des Verbs für "gehen" im Neuägyptischen - p. 67

Roeten, L.H.: Did a Change in the Canon of Statuary and Relief Occur when the "Second Style" was Introduced During the Transition from the 5th to the 6th Dynasty? - p. 81

Rosati, G.: The Shabtis of Psamtek, Son of Mer(et)-Neith: Additional Material for their Study - p. 93

Veldmeijer, A.J.: and Electronic Publishing in Egyptology - p. 107

Kitchen, K.A.: Moab in Egyptian and Other Sources: Fact & Fantasy - p. 119-128

Brief details in English about the journal can be found at the above address by going to the GM link in the left hand navigation bar, and then clicking the "English" link.

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