Tuesday, February 06, 2007

KV63 Anniversary

Thanks to Carolin Johansson for pointing out that the KV63 website has been updated with the following anniversary post:
"On the eve of our One Year Anniversary on the discovery of KV-63 I would like to take this opportunity to bring everyone up to date on recent events and our plans for 2007.
After directing the daily operations of KV-63 for seven continuous months in 2006 (without one sick day) I suffered a heart attack in late November, which laid me up in the hospital for a few weeks. I am well, now, but as a result, it has taken time for me to regain my strength and catch up on necessary administrative paperwork concerning our impending KV-63 season.
Along with my heart attack, a variety of others factors have led to our decision to delay our 2007 season until thus summer. The very long season of 2005-2006 made it practical to shift our normal schedule back a month or so. In addition, both myself and Earl Ertman plan to lecture at the 2007 American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) Annual meeting in Toledo, Ohio in April 20-22.
Currently, the SCA proposal, all reports and necessary paperwork have been completed. We anticipate starting our season in early May and running through August. The late start for 2007 means we will have to work during the hot months, but to our advantage, the bulk of the tasks awaiting us can be carried out inside the relatively cool back rooms of the tomb of Amenmesse (KV-10).
The coming season will emphasize restorations and conservation work, plus the examination of the remaining unopened storage jars. Several more seasons will ultimately be needed due to the variety and quantity of the materials from the tomb chamber.
Be sure to watch for the most recent 'KV63 Update' in the Spring 2007 issue of KMT magazine!"
Wishing Dr Schaden a return to full health.

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