Monday, February 19, 2007

Tourism updates

The new tourist souvenirs
"The annual arrival of 8 million tourists to Egypt has resulted in the opening of a number of new money exchangers in Cairo and souvenirs shops that are tapping into the taste for a less cliché keepsake; offering products make in the desert oasis of Fayoum, Dakla and Siwa.
In these new style craft shops tourists feel a wholesomeness about the fact that their money is returning to a community-based project. And they are loading up with scarves, pashminas, ethnic style jewellery, home-made greeting cards and wooden or clay household items.
The modern tourist has a new shopping list, passing over the busts of Tutenkamun and papyrus book marks for boxes of Viagra, Cleopatra cigarettes and antique doors that can be the cornerstone of a new house back home."

Harbours to be upgraded
"The Ministry of Tourism said that it had earmarked around LE 53 million to upgrade civil defence tools at the Luxor harbours. Civil Defence reports said that the Ministry of Tourism would start an overhaul process to modernise the harbours of Luxor on the latest international standards."

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