Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tutankhamun in London, UK

A number of people have emailed me with questions about when the Tutankhamun exhibition is coming to London, and where it will be hosted. I have added the official page for the exhibition's London venu above. However, most of the pages are still under construction (the dates are listed purely as November 2007), which may have something to do about doubts regarding the venue.
There has been consdierable speculation about the intended venue - the O2 (formerly the Millennium) Dome in Greenwich, London, which is due to re-open in July 2007. The Dome was one of three bids to become a casino, but lost out to another UK city. Had it been a casino, Zahi Hawass made a statement some time ago saying that it would be inappropriate to host the exhibition there. This threat is presumably lifted now, but the future of the Dome itself remains unclear now that the casino bid has failed. I will add updates as they become available.
This has not prevented tour companies from offering special packages to the exhibition, so they may have more information than I do at this time.

Details about the Dome can be found at:

Details about the exhibition on the Dome's website can be found at:
However, I am not sure that a page that provides the exhibition's provisional dates as 22 November 2006 - 31 August 2008 can be trusted for absolute accuracy! It does say that the exhibition's visit to the Dome is to be confirmed.

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