Sunday, February 18, 2007

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West to East
An informal blog by Beth, who is working at the predynastic site of Naj al-garmila, just north of Wadi Kubbaniya, and talks not just about the excavation but about her lifestyle in Egypt. Here's a small sample: "The digsite this year is on a high ridge right next to the edge of the village, so the view is of dunes with bright green farmland and village houses and minarets in a slight haze behind. I'm working in a huge 20m by 20m unit with Penny, a bio-arch from the southwest. That morning the stratigraphy was as obvious as one can hope for, one deposit clearly differentialted from the other, and the architecture that we were looking for was turning up exactly where we expected it to be. Heather and James kept unearthing exciting small finds in the next unit over. Our breakfast hut this year is not a reed lean-to but a short white canvas tent borrowed from another team. Really gives that turn of the century archaeology feel. Where's my umbrella and gin and tonic? Back at the house for lunch after the fieldwork portion of the day was over we got chicken nuggets in addition to the usual rice and red sauce."

Ancient Egyptian Religion
This is a huge site and an excellent resource. In Kate's words, from her Home Page: "This is a site about Ancient Egypt; Religion, Deites, Temple life, Priesthood, Rituals and Philosophy. Creation Myths, Festivals and Wisdom Texts are also included. Women and their life in Ancient Egypt, wether royal or commoners, is another topic featured. The purpose is to gain some knowledge and understanding of a vast and fascinating topic, and to reflect it by and by on this site for those people who, like myself, are fascinated by Ancient Egypt. I´m afraid that it will take me the rest of my life!"

An aggregation of archaeology news sites, which gives access to just about anything you need to know about archaeology as it happens!

Egyptian Crowns and Syrio-Palestinian Deities poster
The Egyptian Crowns and Syrio-Palestinian Deities in the New Kingdom: Its Meaning and Necessity
A poster in PDF format by Keiko Tazawa and Dr. Ian Shaw (The University of Liverpool).

The Tomb of Senedjem - by Marta Saura Sanjaume
Strictly for those with a knowledge of Catalan or a very good grasp of Spanish, this is a thesis in PDF format about the tomb of Senedjem. The Abstract is in English, and an experpt from that is as follows: "Therefore, the objectives of this work have been: 1. To made a comprehensive catalogue of all the pieces that where found inside the tomb of Sennedjem. 2. To find a relation between the investigated pieces and their owners: familiar relationships, social position, etc. The tomb of Sennedjem was used for several generations. A complete study of the texts of the tomb is made in order to compare the names and titles found there with the texts and inscriptions of the objects. The investigations leaded us to know that Sennedjem was a trowel. 3. To compare the text of the Book of the Dead found in the tomb with known papyrus. The usual"
See the above page for the entire Abstract, plus links to the different chapters (in PDF format). I found the Catalan perfectly easy to read with my rough and ready Spanish.

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