Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Experts bone up on ancient riddle (
This is rather fun:
"Two unique linen-wrapped bundles containing remains which could be up to 2m years old were unearthed in the early 1920s by celebrated archaeologist Sir Flinders Petrie, who excavated many of the most important sites in Egypt.
The bulk of his finds went to University College in London, but for a long time it seemed the bundles had disappeared off the scientific map - until they turned up in Bolton.Intrigued by the discovery, Tom Hardwick, keeper of Egyptology at the museum, and archaeology expert David Craven turned detective to reopen an investigation, hoping to find exactly what they had.
They are now awaiting absolute confirmation of their theory from other experts worldwide.
Meanwhile, they are inviting members of the public to let their imagination run wild and let them know what they think the bones could be. . . . Bolton Museum is offering a prize for the right answer to its bone competition - or the suggestion that comes closest."

The museum's page dedicated to the competition is at the following page, complete with a photograph of one of the bones:
The competition closes on the 5th May 2007.

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