Monday, April 30, 2007

KV-63 Update

A short update from the KV-63 website: "The 58th ARCE meeting in Toledo on April 20-22nd was quite eventful with yours truly giving a lecture entitled Valley of the Kings Tomb KV-63, Earl Ertman lecturing on Use of the Eye with Descending Canthi and Dr. Zahi Hawass giving the Keynote Address.
In attendance from our KV-63/KV-10 staff: Archie Chubb, Earl Ertman, Betty Schneider, Elaine Taylor, Bill Wilson, Roxanne Wilson, and myself along with consultant Salima Ikram. Readers will note that there is now New Donor Information under the ‘Contributions’ Tab. Bill and Nancy Petty have graciously offered to use their 501K resources to administer KV-63 & KV-10 donation funds.
Soon....we will have some very exciting news regarding our 2007 Season and impending events.
Otto Schaden"

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