Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New York Museum Opens Greek And Roman Galleries

As Kat pointed out when she sent me this link, this is only loosely connected to Ancient Egypt, but it is a very quiet day on the news front, and I think that it may be of general interest: "The museum's new Greek and Roman galleries - centered on a two-story skylit hall that evokes a Roman public space - opened to the public Friday. Philippe de Montebello, the museum's director, called the opening 'a truly defining moment.' With the galleries once again home to ancient statues, bronze sculptures and even an Etruscan chariot, visitors will get a glimpse of history in a logical order - from the north end, which houses Egyptian art, to the new spaces in the south end spanning from the Bronze Age through the reign of Constantine, said Carlos Picon, curator in charge of the Greek and Roman art department."

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