Sunday, April 29, 2007

Restoration at the Temple of Seti I

It is great to see that Jane is back in Luxor, and back at work on her blog. Todays she reports, with lots of photographs, on restoration work being carried out at the Temple of Seti I: "This lovely temple has been suffering badly from the the rising water table and I reported and photographed massive pieces of decoration falling of the pedestals located by the first pylon.
Today I went there and I was the happiest Egyptologist in Luxor as I walked in to see a team at work. Working under the direction of Rainer Stadelmann, Elena (sorry I didnt get her surname) from Madrid University was directing workman to remove the pedestal blocks. She very kindly explained what was going on. They arrived there 10th April and are due to leave 10th May."
See the above page for the rest of Jane's report.

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