Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday Trivia

Fiction Review: Night Life
Review by Katie McNeill: "Night Life is the first book in Elizabeth Guest’s Pharaoh’s Rising series. The first thing that caught my eye, besides the cover, was the blurb on the back from Stella Cameron: 'He was beautiful. He was lethal. And Elizabeth Guest has let him have his way with our minds - our senses. You will give in without a fight.' How could you possibly resist that?
Adrian King is what the ancient Egyptians called an Eater of Blood and a Breaker of Bones - in modern terms, a vampire. Once he was a God King, a warrior, ruling Egypt until he was betrayed by those closest to him. Now he owns the Royal Palace in Las Vegas, a casino and hotel done in an ancient Egyptian theme. He is a king still, but over a different sort of land."
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