Saturday, May 19, 2007

Flying Egyptians

Please don't be tempted to shoot the messenger: "Ancient Egyptians must have been familiar with aviation. They could manufacture types of airplanes to get aerial views of some important locations in Egypt; a technology that helped them secure their builders lots of essential materials, opined an Egyptologist Basam Al Shammaa.
Al Shammaa, who has a special interest in the subject, pointed out that centuries before the science of geography came into existence, a papyrus map showing the locations of copper and gold mines in some mountainous areas could prove that the ancient engineers must have invented sail-propelled planes to explore the mountains and deserts.
Al Shammaa noted: 'It's only one map that for some might offer little evidence, but only 30 percent of secrets related to ancient Egypt have been revealed. There may be a lot more in store. So we shouldn't rule out the possibility that future discoveries will reveal more about ancient Egyptians and aviation.'
The map, which is currently exhibited at the Egyptian Museum in Turin, the second biggest Egyptian museum in the world, dates back to King Ramses VI's era. It shows the gold mines in an area known as Fawagir.
The map couldn't have been drawn without getting a panoramic view from a flying object and to the best of his belief this was a plane, stressed the Egyptologist."

Go to the above link to see the rest of the theory in full flight.

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