Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More re Kom Madi bowling hall

Following yesterday's brief anouncement on the State Information Service website, a few more details are provided on the above page:

"The course has in the middle a square shaped hole with dimensions of 12 centimeters that is opened to a big pottery fixed under the hole. An archeological source at the Italian mission stated that the mission found 'two balls' of polished limestone one of them the same diameter of the course while the other in the size of the square hole. The study of the unique engineering construction it was proved that no similar building is found in the ancient world, and it is expected that it was the first attempt for practicing a game similar to the 'Bowling'.
The source added that the mission found this discovery during works of excavations in one of the buildings inside the ancient residential city at Kom Mady area that dates back to the Ptolemy era. The city comprises houses composed of two rooms and big hall. Inside the hall the mission found papyri rolls, pottery pieces, glass containers and some copper tools and Al-/fiancé pieces that date back to the Ptolemy era.
The monumental area of Kom Mady is considered one of the key sites remaining in good shape, which antiquities date back to the 12th Pharaonic Dynasty."

See the above page for further details.

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