Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More re tomb of Henu
Thanks very much to Ann Eglintine who has heard from Marleen De Meyer that there will be an article in the next issue of Egyptian Archaeology (Bulletin of the EES) about the new discovery of the tomb of Henu. Although there are no details about upcoming issues of the magazine on the above page (the EA web page has been showing "this page is currently being updated" for the last two years), there are details of how to order any EES publication.


Anonymous said...

interview (in french!) of Pr. Harco Willems and nice video of the tomb :

Kindly !

Andie said...

Thanks Francois. I had a go at this, but couldn't get the story to play, although it is clearly shown as available. I followed the link to the news story, then linked to the video section, then chose the interview item from the scroll-down list, but it kept showing the same news stories, none of which were about Henu. It could just be me having a dim day, of course.
If anyone has better luck with it, please let me know!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Andie,

The direct link to the video is :

On my computer it works correctly ( and directly, you don't have to choose anything more, just wait a few seconds for the video to load...)

Have a nice day, and thank-you for your blog !