Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Book: Egyptian Games and Sports

A new book has been released by Shire in their Shire Egyptology series: Egyptian Games and Sports by Joyce Tyldesley: "The Ancient Egyptians enjoyed a wide range of sports and games – young men chased lions and ostriches across the desert, while dignified married couples relaxed over a game of ‘senet’. All activities are discussed in this new edition to the Shire Egyptology series." ISBN 978 0 7478 0661 5; Egyptology 29

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I saw this reference to Shire publications and was wondering whether you would consider Shire books to be suitable for undergraduate or post graduate study in the field. I am beginning a serious study of Egyptology and would like to purchase only those publications that would be germane to an in depth study. Thank you very much!