Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Travel: A visit to Cairo

"A set of three pyramids with the tallest being built by King Cheops and known as the Great Pyramid. When you finally see the Great Pyramid, one is left speechless because the facts keep rolling around your head - this was built 3,000 years ago and needed 2.5 million blocks of solid stone and back-breaking labour.
It's the easiest thing to sketch in your drawing books as children but to know how they were built remains unfathomable even today. Up at the entrance, it's like a summit from where you can see the entire city of Cairo. It would take you three hours to see the pyramids up close, it's a panoramic view and is best to start early in the morning. Close to these pyramids is a legendary statue of a lion's body with a human head. Known as the Great Sphinx - it was regarded as a beast of great power and wisdom. When it was first made, it had bright colours for the face, head dress and the body. This must've been a sure eyecatcher in the desert. But years later, it's body had got buried in sand.
An hour away from Giza is a place called Saqqara. Seeing the pyramid here gives you an idea of how the ancient Egyptians finally arrived at the perfect structure of the pyramids at Giza, after several trial and errors."

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