Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blogger formatting problems

I am having problems with the line spacing and various other formatting problems in Blogger at the moment (not just on my own blogs, but on Tony Cagle's ArchaeoBlog).

A perusal of the Blogger help facility confirms that this is not just me losing my mind, but a problem experienced by dozens of users of the service. It appears to have occurred at the same time as the implementation of an upgrade to the Blogger service.

At the moment there is nothing much I can do except for trying to minimize the problem as best I can by fiddling with the HTML (which doesn't help much), and occasionally banging my head on my desk (which doesn't help at all but makes me feel somewhat more in touch with reality than when attempting to reformat the same post for the three hundredth time).



Scrabcake said...

If you learn how to change spacing at all, let me know...this is like the reverse of a college paper. I want the text to be shorter. Spacing of 1!

Anonymous said...

Is it browser specific?
I see no problems with Internet Explorer.

Andie said...

I usually use Firefox for browsing, but with the Blogger serivce Firefox has never worked properly, so I'v always used IE's most recent official release. There are slight oddities visible in the spacing between characters in different paragraphs, but most of the line spacing looks ok at the present - but only because I have spent an absolute age reformatting again and again each post so that it doesn't look absolutely ridiculous. And some of the posts still have paragraphs running together where they shouldn't, and line spaces where I didn't want them.
The really irritating thing is that the "carriage" returns and prapgraph spacings aren't featured in the html, so you cannot actually see what is really going on. If I could edit the html properly it would be better (it would also be ridiculous, given that they claim that they offer a wysiwyg editor).
I am fed up to the back teeth with the whole thing! It used to be such a good service.
Rant over.

Business of Beauty said...

I'm sooooo glad to find out I'm not the only frustrated blogger. I'm experiencing all the same problems and that's not even touching on the huge problems with picture placement. Yikes !!!!!

I looked at transferring over to Wordpress, but it too has similar problems.

Does anyone know of a better blogging site to go to or should I too just keep banging my head on my desk and increasing my frustration vocabulary. Please email me at if you have any info.

Unknown said...

Having the same problem :(
In the editor I typed it out single spaced, then when I publish it's double spaced (sometimes more), then when I go back into editor sometimes it's single, sometimes double and sometimes a mixture. So very frustrating! Of all the problems blogger has had, surely this should be one of the simplest to resolve. I'm using the latest Chrome. Having this problem for a few months now. Argggghhhhh!!

Please let me know if you find a fix for this issue. Thanks!

Andie said...

My solution was laborious but it works and I have been using it ever since. I am using Windows, which comes with the Notepad facility. Anything that I want to copy into Blogger I first paste into Notebook, which removes all formatting, and then paste into Blogger. Then the line spacing, using the Return key, works perfectly (and fixes all other formatting problems). I haven't used Explorer in the last couple of years for anything, but this works in Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

I guess a simpler way would probably be to edit the HTML - I cannot remember if I tried that or not.