Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cairo Islamic Art Museum to Reopen

Prensa Latina

The Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo, Egypt, will re-open in December when the 15 million dollar restoration initiated four years ago will be concluded, Egyptian Culture Minister Faruq Hosni reported Monday. The museum will reopen before its inauguration ceremony, within two years of the Islamic antiquities exhibit halls in the Louvre, New York Metropolitan, Museumsinsel in Berlin, and in Qatar and United Arab Emirates museums.

Museum Director Mohamed Abas said "The new museum will contain a section with pieces from the different Islamic eras in Egypt, including the Ayyoubid, Fatimid, Turkish, Persian, Mamluk and Ottoman periods.

The other collection will exhibit original art forms and tools from the Islamic dynasties of China, India, Iran, and Arabian countries such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Morocco, Abas added.

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