Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Exhibition: Book of the Dead at the Fitzwilliam

It's not often that I get to link to a site like Packaging Essentials, but this news item provides one of those occasions. The exhibition A passport to the Egyptian After-life: The Book of the Dead of Ramose at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge (U.K.), sponsored by ink supplier Xaar, opens today, and runs until the 19th September 2007.

Visitors will have the rare opportunity to view one of the finest and most recently restored Egyptian Books of the Dead in existence."
One of the most striking features of the Ramose papyrus is the vibrancy of colours used in the painted scenes. It feels particularly appropriate that a company whose primary concern is with colour printing should be involved with this project." says Julie Dawson, co-curator of the exhibition and Senior Assistant Keeper (Conservation) in the Antiquities Department. "The technical expertise of the Egyptian artists who worked on this papyrus is outstandingly high. Xaar has provided invaluable sponsorship towards an exhibition that allows us to bring his beautiful document before the public after two years of conservation work," added Helen Strudwick, co-curator and Outreach Officer (Ancient Egypt).

The Book of the Dead of Ramose, a high official who lived in the 12th century BC, was discovered in 1921 by the eminent archaeologist Flinders Petrie in the entrance to a tomb at Sedment in Egypt. Its frail and fragmentary condition has prevented it from being seen ever since it was excavated more than 80 years ago. Thanks to a major conservation and investigation project at the Fitzwilliam Museum, the papyrus will now be on display for a short time only, in order to preserve the vivid colours, allowing visitors a rare insight into the Egyptian world of the dead.
There is more about the exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum's website at

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