Friday, June 22, 2007

Travel: Alexandria

Al Ahram Weekly
This article, although its only connection to Egyptology is a passing reference to Alexander the Great is almost lyrical in its passion for Alexandria. It makes me want to pack my bags and go!

Today the small hotels and pensions off Raml Station afford the possibility, a very rare thing in Egypt, of clean affordable lodgings. Like much of downtown they also offer a glimpse of the city's faded grandeur, while having the advantage of overlooking the seashore -- Alexandria's famous Corniche. Such places thus give you the opportunity to view the city from above: the most fascinating perspective on the combination of colonial architecture, horse-drawn carts and automobiles that forms the substance of Alexandria's street life; from the seclusion of a small balcony: people watching. And then there are the insides of the buildings to take in: the arches, the stairways, the impossibly high ceilings; the modest balconies looking out onto the sea; the book racks reminiscent of Athens and the Art Nouveau decorations; wherever you look, some aspect of history or geography.
There are some lovely black and white photographs accompanying the site.

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